We offer a full service of supply and installation on a wide variety of clotheslines for your everyday needs. We supply the Austral brand of clotheslines which are 100% Australian made and therefore ideal for the weather conditions on the Sunshine Coast, and we also supply the new Sunbreeze range of clotheslines.

Available in a range of colours, we’ll have a clothesline to suit your requirements – from wall mounted clotheslines to the classic rotary hoist. Ground mount posts are also available if you don’t have a suitable wall or fence to mount the clothesline to. And if your current clothesline needs repairing – we’re here to help!

Why buy a Austral Clothesline?

  • 100% Australian made and owned since 1987
  • Extensive range of clothesline models and sizes
  • All structural components are made of Australian steel for strength and rust resistance
  • 10-year structural warranty
  • Spare parts readily available
  • Specialised colour powder coating service available

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Fold Downs

Our range of fold down clotheslines come in a variety of sizes to suit all requirements. They are made of tubular steel to ensure strength and durability and are supplied with pre-assembled side arms to make installation easy.

If the clothesline size doesn’t quite fit your requirements not a problem! The clotheslines can be reduced in length by shortening the front bar during installation to fit the space required. Ground Mount Posts

If you don’t have the space to attach your clothesline to a wall or fence, we have ground mount posts available offering the solution of a free-standing clothesline. They come in two options – ground mounted with posts into soil, or with posts that can be bolted down onto concrete.


Perfect for spaces where you want to hide the clothesline when it’s not in use, the retractaway clothesline extends from 2 to 8 or 10 metres and offers up to 50 metres of line space. Simply pull out the lines to the required length and attach to a wall or post, then when you are finished, retract the lines back into the storage cabinet. They can extend from wall to wall, wall to post, post to post or post to wall.

Mounting Options

  • Wall to wall (cabinet mounted onto wall) – requires cabinet only
  • Wall to post (cabinet mounted onto wall) – requires cabinet, 1 x post and 1 x ground socket (optional)
  • Post to wall (cabinet mounted onto post) – requires cabinet, 1 x post, 1 x mounting bar and 1 x ground socket (optional)
  • Post to post (cabinet mounted onto post) – requires cabinet, 2 x posts, 1 x mounting bar, 2 x ground sockets (optional)

Fixed Rotary Hoist

(Plastic Case)

The Deluxe Rotary hoist is built to last with strong galvanised steel, and features a one piece helical column with plastic gear case.

The Elite 4 is a fixed rotary hoist made from galvanised steel and wire, but with tubular steel powder coated in Heritage Green.

(Metal Case)

The Original Super Rotary is made to last with a metal gear case, strong galvanised steel tubing and galvanised wire. Features a breeze brake for holding in place while pegging on windy days.

Fold Away Rotary Hoist

A galvanised rotary clothesline with the benefit of being able to fold away the lines when not in use, or remove it from the ground socket for more backyard space. Made from strong galvanised steel suitable for all weather conditions, these rotary clotheslines are big enough to accommodate a full family wash. Finished in classic cream, woodland grey or heritage green, they are designed to blend into your backyard landscape, and come with PVC coated lines that won’t mark your clothes.

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